Crop Box grow room, Container Hydroponic Leafy Greens & Herbs

Leafy Greens & Herbs Cropbox The Leafy Greens and Herbs flagship Cropbox is a fully controlled hydroponic system housed within a 40′ reefer shipping container. Each box can produce up to an acre of food and uses about 90% less water than conventional and greenhouse growing methods.

It features full environment control which allows you to monitor conditions such as temperature, humidity, and Co2. Dosing controllers are also used to keep reservoirs properly dosed to the optimal pH and nutrient levels. We use HVAC systems designed specifically for indoor growing to ensure the environment is perfect for growth.

Every Cropbox includes access to our mobile application which allows the operator to adjust dosing and environment conditions. This app also keeps track of the environment and dosing conditions, enabling the grower to monitor and keep record of each grow.

There are two nursery areas located in the back of every box for germination. Crop Rotation methods can be used to achieve increased yields over time.

Located in Yorkton, Can ship north amarica wide

Asking $79,995 OBO

Equipped with Cold Weather Package

Turn key solution

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